F.A.Q.s Smart Dogs Canine Training

We want to make sure that you have all the right information ahead of time so that you are comfortable with our dog and puppy training process.

Are you an all positive dog training facility?

Positive reinforcement is a huge part of our training philosophy, however, we believe in balance and in giving the dog the full picture, not just part of it. We feel that both YES and NO are very important in order to communicate to the dog fairly, clearly and consistently. There are four quadrants of operant conditioning, and we believe in using all four when required and when appropriate to help facilitate clear communication to the dog.

Do you use food in your dog and puppy training?

Absolutely! Food training is the fastest method to teach a dog a new obedience skill or trick. Plus we like to pay the dogs for a job well done. Food also gives the dog a very clear YES and we like to make communication with your dog easier and giving clear black and white instruction is very necessary in order to properly train your dog. There is, however, times where food will not make a difference in a dogs behaviour or state of mind, and so there are other ways to communicate in these cases. That said, if food reward is used correctly, you can significantly improve your dogs behaviour, and even create a calmer more relaxed dog, and who doesn’t want that?

What kind of equipment do you use?

We feel that it’s not necessarily the equipment that is important, rather it is the relationship that the owner has built with their dog. That said, we can and do use equipment where we need to gain leverage to make it easier for someone to communicate with their canine companion. We are not stuck to one piece of equipment and we come at this topic with an open mind. Not all dogs work well with all pieces of equipment and not all owners are comfortable with certain pieces, so we go with what works best for the dog, and what the owner is comfortable with using. We do require that owners be open minded to our equipment suggestions, as those suggestions are there to help advance your relationship and communication with your dog.

Do I play a role in my dogs behaviour?

We are firm believers that the energy and emotion that you project significantly affects those around you, including your dogs. So if you want to change your dogs behaviour and performance, often it includes working on the other end of the leash as well. We try to build confidence in owners, change bad habits, create clearer communication, reduce frustration and give them the tools to change themselves so that they can build a better relationship with their dogs. However, if you are not willing to commit to some changes in yourself, your routine or your mind set, then we may not be the right fit for you. We work on both ends of the leash, not just one.

Is my dog too old to be trained?

The old adage ” you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, has never been further from the truth. Though it might take a bit more time then with a younger dog, older dogs can and do benefit greatly from training. We’ve had 13 year old dogs take our agility classes and you could see the bounce come back into their steps. Dogs love to learn no matter what the age, and like humans, it is important to keep their brains active throughout their lives.

Will I have homework?

Yes, absolutely! In order to see any improvement in your dog, you the owner, must be willing to put in the time and effort. Dog training is for life, not just for 6 weeks, and the more you put in, the more you get out. Training should be a process that you enjoy, however, it does involve work and stress at times, but the benefits are endless and enjoyable if you put in the effort. If you don’t feel that you can commit to training homework, we can assure you that you will not see a change in your dog. Just as going to the gym once a week will not offer drastic changes to your health, neither will training your dog once a week. You need to be able to commit at least 20 minutes to 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week, to training in order to help your dog become the best that they can be.

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