Smart Puppy Essentials Skillz 0.5 – Puppy Training in Milton Ontario

We feel that young puppies learn best in their own comfortable home environment. Through our years of training we have noted that puppy classes offer little in the way of retained training. Yes, it offers the social aspect, but that’s fairly easy to do from home, and our opinion on socialization differs from the main stream.

We feel that it’s much more important to socialize your puppy with environment, new sights and sounds, new locations and new surfaces rather then immerse them in an over stimulated play group for an hour once a week. We want them to see as many people as they can, and as many dogs, but to learn that they are not as important as you and they they are mostly just background noise. We build engagement this way, and a dog who is happy to focus on their handler rather than everything else around them.

This is why we came up with our online Smart Puppy Essentials Skillz course. This course enables you to work with your pup at your own pace, address all common puppy “problems” and offers the opportunity of video evaluation by a professional trainer. A ton of fantastic information, video lessons and activities all at a fraction of the cost of private training. A bonus to this is adding a virtual, in person session, at any time for a reduced cost. Details of the course are below.

This is a great starting point for all puppies ages 8 to 20 weeks and sets them up for success.

This course goes over important items such as behaviour, crate training, house training, nipping, socializing and all typical puppy issues. This course has a ton of awesome information and assignments to complete with your puppy. It will also introduce you and your puppy to basic obedience training in a fun, positive manner – sit, place, come, name.

This course also offers the option to submit a video of work completed for evaluation. A certificate of completion is awarded once work is evaluated.

Equipment Required: 6 foot leash, flat buckle collar, martingale or harness, lots of treats.

$75.00 plus HST (for a limited time, regularly $100 plus HST) – self paced with 6 months access – sign up at any time for this virtual session

Add on an hour private Virtual Session with this class for only $50.00 plus HST more.

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