Dog and Puppy Training in Milton

Our dog training class schedules have been updated! Smart Dogs Basic Skillz 1.0 is the place to start for a great foundation for your dog or puppy. Bootcamp Skillz 1.5, the next level up, gives you the advantages of working all over town, offering real life situations and distraction all while improving upon the basics from our previous level. And, no matter how or where you’ve trained your dog, or what level you are at, our Drop In Skillz 2.0 allows anyone (all dogs with no aggression issues) 16 weeks and up to come and practice with their dog under the guidance of a trainer.

Join us for puppy training and dog training in Milton at one of the following classes:

Summer 2020

Smart Dogs Basic Skillz 1.0

June 16 2020 7:00pm – FULL
July 19 2020 7:00pm – 4 SPOTS
August 11 2020 7:00pm – 5 SPOTS

Smart Dogs Bootcamp Skillz 1.5

July 15 2020 7:00pm – FULL
September 2 2020 7:00pm – 6 SPOTS

Smart Dogs Refresher Skillz 2.0

1st Monday of the Month 7:00pm TBA
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