Dogs Aren’t Born Knowing Our Language – Dog Training Milton

No matter how well your dog reads you, how well your puppy responds to you, how in sync you are together, dogs are not born knowing the human language. Dogs do not come pre-programmed to respond to English, French, Japanese, German or whatever your native language is. They come pre-programmed to speak dog, and dog speak relies heavily on body language and sounds.

So why does this matter? It matters because training your dog opens a whole new world of communication with them, an opportunity to teach them our language and the meaning behind it, and an opportunity for you to learn theirs as well.

Training your dog, teaching them how to respond to your language is an important aspect of building your relationship and expectations in a fair way. Training your dog and giving them a vocabulary is a necessity to bring the most out in your canine companion. Observing your dog and learning their subtleties, communication signals and body language is how you build respect, confidence and connection within their world.

So, if for no other reason, train your dog so that you can communicate with them in a fair, respectful way that makes sense and builds your relationship in a positive direction.

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