Dogs Want to Have Fun Too

I’ll start by saying dogs want to have fun too.

Yes, many of them enjoy their strolls in the park, or hikes in the woods, but why not spice it up a bit for them?

Utilize what’s around you to give them a challenge on their walks. Rocks, benches, trees, curbs, playground equipment and more make great obstacles for your dog. Teach them how to use their bodies and where their feet are in order to conquer the obstacles.

Allowing your dog structured play like this on a walk actually helps to increase self confidence. Keep it structured though, that is the key. You tell them when and where, and encourage them to try (and make sure you tell them they are doing a good job) and they will give you all their effort once they get the hang of it. They learn that there is nothing scary about new things, in fact, it’s fun.

This type of activity works your dogs mind as well as his/her body. Working their minds will often times tire them out more than just working their body, and a tired dog is a happy, well behaved dog.

So get out there on your next walk or hike and use what is around to challenge your dogs body and mind and over come any lack of self confidence that they may have.

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