Puppy Equipment Help

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We all need to teach our puppies to accept leashes, collars, jackets, harnesses and other items that we may have to incorporate into their daily routine. Often time people struggle with these because the puppy’s focus is on the equipment, fixating on it, and worrying about it. It can make leash training, collar introduction etc. difficult because all the puppy wants to do is chew these things.

We have an easy fix. Food or a game every time the equipment goes on. With food it can be a meal, or some quick reward based training sessions as the puppy practices wearing the equipment without fixating on it or worrying about it. I like a game for more drivey puppies – tug or fetch. With both, place the equipment on (sometimes you’ll need a helper) then implement your fun strategy. Once done a few minutes of a game or training, remove the equipment and do it again later at random intervals throughout the day.

The video below is an example of a first time in a jacket that looked delicious to chew. The puppy was fixated on getting the jacket in her mouth, so we used a game of tug to take her mind off of it. This was done two times and the puppy no longer bothers with the jacket. Not all dogs will “get it” this quickly, but the more you practice, they less they worry about what you are placing on them.

Happy Training!

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