Do Not Get A Puppy If …

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My younger sister works in a vet clinic. They had someone (and I use that term very loosely) bring in a 16 week old puppy who was vomiting and would not eat. After examination, the doctor felt that there were “items” in the abdomen, so suspected that he ingested something that he shouldn’t have, and surgery was recommended. The owners did not want to opt for treatment, and instead opted to euthanize. The doctor fought this decision, and the puppy was turned over to the clinic. Upon operating, the doctor pulled out socks, toys, wood and foreign particles. The puppy had to have part of his intestinal tract cut out. They are waiting to see if he survives the night.

This situation was more than likely caused by a lack of supervision and negligence. Those who opt to euthanize at this age, for this type of reason, were not prepared to own a puppy either financially or mentally. This could have been completely avoided with containment (crate or pen) and some research on simple puppy habits, recommendations and ownership, which frankly, you can find anywhere on the internet.

I tell this story to illustrate that there is so much more to welcoming a puppy into your home than just cuteness and cuddles. There is work (lots of work), time (including sleepless nights and interrupted days), and there is (sometimes unexpected) monetary expenses that go along with owning a puppy/dog. If you are not prepared to deal with these things, DO NOT get a puppy. If you think owning a puppy is easy peasy and that they come trained, DO NOT get a puppy. If you think you do not have to supervised and be on top of that cute little animal at all times when they have free run, DO NO get a puppy. If you don’t think there should be any expenses involved other than the purchase price and maybe shots, DO NOT get a puppy. If you are willing to let a puppy die because of your negligence, DO NOT get a puppy.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again), puppies are a lot of work. Puppies can be stressful. Puppies cause sleepless nights and busy days. They are like children. They require training, play, attention, supervision, medical treatment, exercise, discipline, rules, consistency, understanding, life long education and the list goes on. If you are not prepared for this, DO NOT get a puppy.

Edited to add: I’m happy to say that this sweet little puppy made it through the night.

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