Follow The Lure

puppy training milton ontario

A fun, easy and enjoyable way to teach puppies how to learn is to introduce them to following a food lure. Food is by far, the easiest way to teach new concepts to your puppy like sit, down, stay, place, heel etc. But puppies don’t all come knowing how to follow that lure, or even, how to learn from humans.

A great little exercise that can be done with either treats, or at meal time, is teaching your pup how to follow a lure. It is a fantastic way to get in repetition of obedience cues, and adds both mental and physical stimulation to your pups day. The short video below is an example of how we work young puppies with lures.

Keep it fun, short and engaging. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you can be creative with different positioning. We usually do not add in any verbal cues in the beginning. They can be added in afterwards once you see more fluency in the puppies movement/understanding.

Happy Training!!

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